Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers Introduces New Services, Launches New Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, Texas — Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers, headed by leaders in healthcare practice management performance and physician financial solutions, is pleased to introduce medical practice brokerage, medical practice appraisal and more as highlighted with the launch of their new corporate website. As detailed under the “What We Do” link at the company’s … Continue reading “Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers Introduces New Services, Launches New Website”


AUSTIN, Texas — Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers, headed by leaders in healthcare practice management performance and physician financial solutions, is pleased to introduce medical practice brokerage, medical practice appraisal and more as highlighted with the launch of their new corporate website.

As detailed under the “What We Do” link at the company’s new website, Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers provides a full range of medical practice management services that cover virtually every financial and business management detail related to owning, operating, investing, financing, managing, buying and selling a medical practice.

Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers provides comprehensive financial and practice management solutions for the medical practice industry including medical practice brokerage, medical practice appraisal, healthcare practice business development, medical practice performance consulting, medical practice financing solutions and physician financial planning for sole practitioners, group medical practices and medical equity investor groups.

“With 39 years of combined experience, the team at Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers has stood at the forefront of the medical practice management industry with a full range of medical practice appraisal, healthcare practice accounting, medical practice performance management, physician consulting and physician financial planning services,” Managing Partner, Sean Tinsley said. “We’re proud to announce that physicians, physicians groups and equity investors can now access medical practice brokerage services, medical practice financing solutions, practice management solutions and more. We’ve just launched a new corporate website to help support this important expansion of our services. We invite physicians and investors to stop by the new website to learn more about Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers.”

“What sets us apart is our extensive pre- and post-transaction planning services,” Tinsley explained. “Not only do we provide comprehensive medical practice brokerage and appraisal services, we also assist with how to buy a medical practice, how to sell a medical practice, medical practice transitions, acquisitions, buy-ins, partnerships, mergers, physician income, practice revenue and overhead management strategies.”

Three key areas of focus when seeking to increase practice value include medical practice revenue, physician income and healthcare practice overhead. Through years of hands-on experience, the seasoned team at Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers quickly helps to identify those areas that can be improved.

Pre-transaction services provide a comprehensive financial plan and a projected road map for transition, acquisition, expansion, sale and/or retirement. Post-transaction services help create efficiency and set new standards. Whether before a sale or after an acquisition, Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers’ unique medical practice consulting pre- and post-planning services highlight specific strategies to help achieve goals quickly and efficiently.

Even for physicians who have put decades of hard work in to building their profitable medical practices from the ground up, securing the best buy-out or merger strategy when it comes time to sell can never be taken for granted. Founded by Reed Tinsley, a noted physician CPA and widely published authority on related matters, and Sean Tinsley, a Licensed Physician Financial Advisor, the team at Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers has, for decades, helped physicians nationwide manage their incomes and practices. From finding ways of making a medical practice more profitable and attractive prior to a sale to working through the many details associated with due diligence, informed contract negotiations and closing a sale, Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers consistently deliver value to medical practice owners and buyers alike.

Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers introduces a number of new options for physicians, physician groups and equity investors to easily manage the full spectrum of their medical practice businesses through one comprehensive source. More information about the full range of the company’s services can be found at the new Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers website at

About Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers:
Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers helps physician owners and buyers maximize the value and performance of medical practices nationwide, offering a full range of pre-, post-, and sale-oriented services including medical practice appraisal and medical practice brokerage as well as providing medical practice performance consulting, medical practice financing solutions, physician tax consulting, and physician financial planning.

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If You Think You Understand Professionals, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Best Recommended Dentists in Seattle

What do you do first when a tooth starts troubling you? In all circumstances, you always think of visiting the dentist near you. In the chosen clinic, there must be a good dentist who is great in handling patients. If there is no other clinic nearby, you will not have any choice but to go to that clinic. You’re fine with the quality of treatment even if it is not match the prescribed standard. You will have no choice but to be fine with the service of an unskilled dentist.

It wont be a big deal to you whether the place is modern or traditional. You wont be able to check whether the tools used are well functioning or not. Is this the way to get dental treatment at a time when the world has evolved so much? How can you feel comfortable with a clinic that delivers substandard treatment? You’re risking your health by ignoring all those things that a patient should never ignore.

One reason why patients are not treated well is because dental hospital doesn’t have qualified doctors and enough tools. Which is why, it becomes important to select a clinic that abides by the set clinical standards. To this, live in a place where you will find good benefits to clinics with standards. By the use of your senses, you will be able to find a clinic that suits you and can fulfill your needs. Furthermore, patients today have evolved so much and they want treatment at a clinic that brings an ambiance closer to that of a cafe. They must have a high standard of satisfaction where clinics delivers good ambiance and where doctors are approachable and attentive. Patients want clinics to be easily accessible from multiple locations, be it the office, home, etc. The patients must have a trustworthy clinics for them to reach it immediately.

And also, they must experience the same level of care and attention at every clinic. What’s more, clinic hours should suit the schedule of patients to deliver comfort and convenience. It means, clinics should be open on weekends and they should maintain a timing that never troubles people from fixing their dental appointment to manage their packed schedules. The patients must have the chance to log in on online websites for their desired schedule. Patients would just simply log in their identity for them to have an appointment with their preferred dentist. By doing this, they can set their appointment in any possible way they want.

The new-age customers will not be satisfied if these mattes will not be provided. It’s therefore important for clinics to sense the changes in the air and equip themselves in the desired manner. For patients, it’s important to search and find only the best dentist. To this matter, you will be able to experience a worthy treatment and at the same time you will enjoy. Always make time in deciding the clinics and dentists as quality matters a lot. Thus, all of this quality clinics and dentist are at Seattle, try not to miss it.

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The Key Elements of Great Counseling

Essence of a Marriage Therapist A marriage counselor is an educated professional skilled with the knowledge of helping couples in a problematic relationship reach a solution. Couples therapist is the other name used to refer to a marriage counselor. Many times in life people get married with the hope that their life will end up like a scene from a fairy tale. As individuals get used to one another, they tend to dislike some of the elements present in their partners. When this happens, cracks in the marriage start developing at an alarming rate. Cases of divorce usually emerge when couples ignore these problems to be signs of a crumbling marriage and do absolutely nothing to reverse their negative effects. By the help of a marriage therapist, many cases of divorce can be prevented from taking place. Strong marriages usually thrive on proper communication that is maintained between spouses. As the level of communication deteriorates, so does the marriage follows suit. Therefore a marriage counselor steps in to ensure that the couple is communicating positively again. It is only through communication that the two parties can be able to understand what the other is going through and in so doing come with a solution that favors neither of the two. Communication is also important as it enables the therapist to understand fully where the root problem is and therefore come up with a very desirable and effective solution.
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Also, a counselor helps reconcile the two warring factions. A marriage counselor steps in to cool down emotional temperatures between couples. It is only when peace has been achieved that the counselor can be of aid to a couple by making them understand that they need each other, and thus they require to find a way to work together as a team so that their love and marriage cannot crumble or falter in future.
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In addition to this, couples counselors also provide advice and suggest possible solutions available that might help salvage a marriage. Hence, they provide neutral based advice that has no ill intentions to either of the individuals involved. Also, a therapist possesses the skill and knowledge of developing a relevant working formula that will help the relationship between two individuals get stronger than before. Couples therapists are very key in saving marriages since they guide couples during trying times. He is the one individual who sees to it that the relationship survives by helping them whenever challenges present themselves. Hence, with couples therapy then marriages rarely break up. Due to its enormous advantages, it is a necessary step in motivating youngsters and old people to stay true to each other in love so that their relationships cannot be rocked with all manner of problems.

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Good Marriage Counselor A wedding must have seriousness and commitment. During the wedding ceremony the bride and the bridegroom make serious marriage vows. It shows the important seriousness between the two. Thousands of individuals in the world dreams of having an excellent marriage. No one likes divorces and disengagement from their loved ones Death should the only cause of disengagement according to the vows made by the loved ones during their wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, marriages are affected by challenges. Lack of good understanding and differences between the couples are common in marriages. There are a variety of problems that the wedded couple faces and they may include job loss or lack of employment, faded love between the two and also mistrust and lies. Disengagements cannot solve these challenges. The couple should agree on acquiring marriage counseling. To find a good marriage therapist for counseling is not an easy task. Below are essential tips that the couple should consider in order to get a good marriage counselor. The expertise and experience of the counselor is a key consideration. The person to be hired for counseling should be a professional in marriage issues. He should be a person who has handled similar marriage problems before. Going to a certified marriage counselor is highly recommendable. This is because the person will solve your issues in a professional way and he or she will help you move with your relationship. An advisor with a degree in counseling is the best for the task. Methods and formulas used in problem solving by the therapist are also key considerations. It is always advisable to be well conversant with the techniques of the therapist. The methods of the therapist will be a key determinant whether he or she is capable of solving the problems of the couple. The therapists use different techniques when giving advice. Well-structured questions are good to use to know the things hidden in that relationship. The marriage partners should be firm with the techniques used.
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It is always important to deal with a reliable and trustworthy person. The therapist should not be a person that gives the confidential information of his clients to other people. No other person should know the problems of the couple apart from the therapist. The individual should also be a trustworthy person with a clean reputation. He or she should not be a criminal. The therapist should be accessible to serve the needs of his or her clients. A counselor with these key attributes is good to hire. The husband and the wife should be truthful to each other to ensure that they are able to set goals that will help in problem solving.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Services